Why and How to enter or Create Them

The social network algorithms were tuned in the way to artificially reduce the coverage and encourage people to buy advertising. These actions forced some users to find the “workarounds” using the hashtags or cheat services, while others, on the contrary, got encouraged to create activity chats for the further benefit.


  • What is an activity chat?
  • Why are Instagram activity chats important?
  • How to join a chat
  • How to create an activity chat

What is an activity chat?

These are groups in the instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, etc.) and social networks where users of accounts share Instagram likes and comments. In such communities they communicate, send links to the posts, stories, videos. As a rule, in one group, people of one niche (with same interests) and with almost the same number of followers gather together.

The algorithm of their work is simple: a person sends a link to a post, Story, with a request to put a like or comment. But before that they are obliged to fulfil similar requests in the chat. It turns out to be certain exchange of activity and there is no need to search Instagram likes.

There are both paid and free chats. It all depends on the admin of the community: if they check how many passive members there are in the group, the quality of content, etc. People are motivated to be active in the paid chats, and they also offer discounts on ads in popular accounts and other benefits.

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Why are Instagram activity chats important?

They help increase the average ER of the account and reach the target audience. If there is more activity in the account with each post, then more people will see the post.

There is such a thing as the crowd mentality – it works well on Instagram. The number of likes and comments will grow not only by request. That is, a couple of comments like: “The product has been very useful”, “Such a good quality!”, etc. will make your followers support the conversation. Afterall, it means the increased confidence in the product and growth of the potential customers’ number.

How to join the chat

It is enough to find a group of interests in the Instagram feed, other social networks or in a search engine (Google or Yandex). The site where the community was created does not matter, no difference, the links will lead to your posts.

After applying for membership, wait for the administrator to respond. The account may not be accepted for a simple reason – there are few followers in the account. If you are accepted, be sure to read the chat rules, otherwise you could get a ban by mistake. Then, leave comments, likes under the posts of your “colleagues” and send yours.

Do not try to join dozens of groups at once, because a sharp increase in activity on your account can lead to a ban. Instagram monitors such things very carefully. It is better to choose a community where post ratings are allowed up to 4 times a day, at any time of the day.

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How to create an activity chat

Being the owner of your own activity chat, you do not have to follow the rules, because you create them yourself. In addition, there is the possibility of earning and making your posts more often, without thinking about how to get 50 likes on Instagram per day. The only thing you have to do is to organize the community and monitor its activity.

Instructions for creating an activity chat:

  1. To create a chat, just go to Direct and create a new conversation by tapping the “+” in the upper right corner.
  2. Then select up to 15 people you would like to invite and send them a message.
  3. After the procedures, go into the conversation and rename it by wish.

This way you can invite other users. It will not be superfluous to create a similar community in other messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram).

Join someone else’s chat or create your own one – you decide! In both cases, there are pros and cons. The purpose of this article is to convey information about the work of such groups. But in any case, the activity communities help bypass the social network algorithms by sending more traffic to the target audience. Just do not forget about the good quality of the content, it plays even a greater role than likes and comments.