Best content to post on Instagram: what to post?

Experienced bloggers who make a publication plan for the week and month ahead, as well as novice users, often face the question: what kind of content to post on Instagram? How to attract and retain subscribers when there are so many other blogs and interesting personalities around? How can I hook a guest who accidentally logged in to my account and make it my follower? Let’s look at what is the best content to post on Instagram and how to “submit” it correctly.


1. Visual content

2. What should I bet on to get likes and audience attention?

3. Text

4. Video

5. Have fun and entertain!

6. Conclusion

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Visual content

Beautiful, high-quality photos are great! Most users of Instagram are visualizations, and it is for the abundance of great photos that they love this social network. However, it is chaotic to post them according to the mood-the way to “nowhere”. Without regular publications, you will soon be forgotten, and if you suddenly want to publish a dozen successful images at once-a mass unsubscribe is guaranteed. Users also quickly get bored with similar or low-quality images. Modern Insta-public is very spoiled and capricious, users spend a fraction of a second to view the post and make a decision-bloggers are increasingly difficult to hold attention, and marketers-to sell.

We didn’t write all this to scare you.  Forewarned is forearmed! Paying for Instagram promotion– hours of planning, analyzing statistics, observing competitors and thinking about new ideas. You must also invest in various photo processing tools, photographer services, account promotion through advertising or buying Instagram followers. The latter is better done through a quality service with good reviews, for example, All-SMM.

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What should I bet on to get likes and audience attention?

1. Inspirational quote. People love statements that motivate them to succeed or reflect what is happening in their souls. These may be sayings of great minds of mankind, a quote from a book or a poem. The author of the words can be yourself, your mother or teacher. Make it all out in the photo editor – and a great semantic post is ready!

2. Human face. If you are working on promoting a product, please note that photos of people’s faces get 40% more hearts than images without them. Sincere emotions in the portrait increase the chances of likes.

3. A beautiful photo of nature that evokes emotion. Shoot the sea, forest, mountains so that the viewer wants to be there right now. The main thing-watch the composition of the frame, do not” fill up ” the horizon and do not work hard with the processing, if you are not a professional photographer.

4. Delicious and beautiful food – something that will not leave anyone indifferent. Instagram food accounts have millions of followers!

5. Historical photos. To return to the past, to experience the soul-crushing feeling of nostalgia and a bygone childhood, to plunge into another era, sometimes everyone wants to.

6. Animals. If you have a pet – great! Photos of your charming four-legged friend will be liked with pleasure even by those who do not have Pets themselves. And if you manage to capture animals in a fun and relaxed way and good quality-success in the form of hearts is guaranteed.

7. Current trends.

8. Backstage. If you create a creative product or produce a product, provide services and sell them in your public, be sure to regularly show your readers the process. This is always interesting and helps to establish personal relationships with potential customers.

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Don’t underestimate the text content on Instagram – although there is not much space for it under the image, many users want to not only watch, but also read something interesting or useful. Storytelling, news, information, response to the audience’s request, notes about life, recipes and tips-all this will be a good addition to the photo. Sometimes the opposite happens – people pee on the psychologist or politician to read his thoughts, and only then pay attention to the image.

When you write a text for Instagram, don’t forget:

  • to break it down into paragraphs;
  • spice it up with emojis (emoticons);
  • check for spelling errors;
  • “read it to yourself.”

If you took someone else’s text – specify the author. You can not write yourself-use the services of copywriters on the freelance exchange.

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Video content

Instagram has long ceased to be a collection of photos, now it is video that is gaining momentum and attracting users. The social network offers several formats for its placement:

1. Video post. It lasts only 60 seconds and is great for promo and image content and as an announcement of a longer version hosted on a different platform.

2. Stories. The story goes only 5 seconds and disappears a day after the publication, so is it worth doing them? Definitely-Yes! Many users watch only stories, having long ago abandoned the tape that was clogged with something unclear. Here you can apply effects, masks, emoticons, text, gifs, links, conduct surveys, and receive comments. Sometimes such simple, raw content, shot in real time, causes more trust and involvement of the viewer than emasculated photos.

3. IGTV. Here the duration limit is 1 hour. you can save live broadcasts or edited videos with master classes, answers to questions, and so on.

Have fun and entertain!

Even serious public people and promoted brands should sometimes relax a little. A little humor, a good joke, a funny frame or a funny animation will dilute serious content and allow subscribers to see you in a different light. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Consider including entertainment content in your publishing plan. These can be contests, surveys, games, tasks, puzzles, quests, and small prize draws.

Instagram provides great opportunities to expand your target audience and build trust with them. Use the ideas listed above to create all kinds of content, love your subscribers and customers, and then your account will become successful and effective.