Best Instagram photo ideas at home!

No matter how much people talk about how important the blogger’s personality and text are, the main thing is the visual content. This is the first thing the audience sees, and it is the attractiveness of the images that determine whether they want to get to know you better. However, after a couple of months of regular publications, most users are faced with the fact that they need a new Instagram photo idea. Breathe new life into your account and delight your followers with our home shooting tips!


1.  Home photos for Instagram made by yourself.

2.  If you have an assistant: more features!

3.  Conclusion: simple secrets.

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Self-made home photos for Instagram

Important! Free Instagram promotion is very time-consuming. Get ready to work hard and post beautiful, high-quality and original photos and texts every day that involve the audience and do not let them get bored. Surprisingly, you can take beautiful and interesting pictures at home – you don’t have to go to the Studio or look for a picturesque landscape. Here are some ideas that will make you closer to followers and will definitely allow you to get likes for Instagram!

1.  Close-up portrait. If the weather is bad outside, and you have a lot of cosmetics-go for it! In an hour, you can shoot a lot of interesting make-up, make collages “before and after”, and if you want-even a video in the format of a master class.

2.  Sunrise and sunset: catch the first and last rays of the sun, shadows, shades and silhouettes both inside and on the balcony or terrace. Shadows on the face and body, on the walls and table from objects or your hands-you can fantasize endlessly.

3.  Old picture. Consider a family or school album, think about what and how you can share with followers. Hang a photo, make a collage, add an interesting story, and describe your feelings.

4.  Your desktop: get closer to your subscribers by showing them your creative clutter or low-key minimalism with cute detail like your favorite mug. Make cute or sophisticated compositions, add accents.

5.  “Live” photo of a pet. All of us post our dogs and cats – this does not surprise anyone. Want to collect a bunch of likes? Take a picture of the situation-the dog interferes with cooking, the cat is against working at the computer. Or maybe you caught your pet at the scene of a “crime”?

6.  The book I read/am reading now. Share a quote from it – you can make a collage with your portrait and lines from the book.

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7.  Capture your hobby, tell us what it gives you, how you started doing it.

8.  Cooking. All of us prepare food: why not remove the cooking process or the result in the original serving?

9.  Write a note with your favorite quote or share an interesting to-do list for today. Include it in the composition of the dressing table or Breakfast.

10. The #starterpack event kit is a great idea that never gets boring. Is it winter? Beautifully arrange your winter wardrobe on the floor or bed, take a photo from above. Do you collect a first-grader’s briefcase or your training bag? Make a stylish composition of the filling before you add it all up! Set for morning, evening, date, study, meeting guests, etc.

11. My clothes for today: show me what you are wearing today, tell me why. Ask readers to vote for one of the options.

12. Photo with Christmas lights.

If you have an assistant: more features!

If you have someone who can help you create an original photo, you can expand on any of the ideas in the first part of the article, or use these:

1.  A plain wall (probably found in any apartment) and you are in contrasting clothes. Ideas: static or dynamic, a head and a lot of space on top or side, a portrait, an accent or provocative piece of clothing or accessory.

2.  Shooting from above. You’ll need a stepladder. Come up with a story, spread out the scenery of your “picture” on the floor, leaving room for yourself. Lie down, taking the appropriate dynamic pose, do not forget to spread out your hair or skirt beautifully, watch the lighting to avoid unnecessary shadows.

3.  Photo by the window with natural lights, you and the view outside the window, your silhouette, etc.

4.  A snapshot of how you take a selfie.

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Simple secret

In conclusion, here are a few more life hacks for fans of blogging in Instagram:

1.  You can use the proven ALL-SMM promotion service to ensure that your interesting account is seen by as many people as possible in a short time. All well-known bloggers at one time started out this way to stand out from millions of other profiles.

2.  See Pinterest and foreign bloggers-millionaires – in fact, almost everything was invented before us. Take other people’s ideas and make your own reading!

3.  Choose your own filters, your own style of processing – this will make the tape harmonious and stylish, and even your home photo will look professional.

Use our ideas, adapt them “for yourself” and please your audience, and they will undoubtedly thank you with likes and comments! Good luck!