Business Development on Instagram

Today, any self-respecting company from the technological environment is concerned about creating a positive image in the information space. There exist many tools for this, the main of which is social networks. Let’s share the information necessary for creating a successful corporate account, and also try to find out how to become Insta famous.


  • Using Instagram for the company development
  • Social networks for the business development
  • Interaction with the potential customers
  • Management of corporate accounts
  • Conclusion

Using Instagram for the company development

Previously, there was only one traditional tool for the business development – advertising. Big advertising agencies led projects of such giants as Coca Cola, General Motors or Procter&Gamble. The budget of such projects amounted to millions of dollars, and dozens of marketing specialists ran the projects. The situation has changed significantly with the advent of social networks. In fact, nowadays, for the development of a business, a small team is enough to maintain several corporate accounts on the social networks. The team’s activities are automated thanks to the Instagram likes and followers app. Today it is one of the most popular, fast-growing and convenient services. So how does an Instagram account affect the company’s reputation?

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Social networks for the business development

There are several positions by which the success of business accounts can be estimated. Traditionally, this is the number of followers and likes. Comments are also important – they show how important topics are covered in the posts. Interesting and informative posts show that the company provides the market with popular services. It also means that a company’s reputation is important. And this always has a positive effect on communication with the potential customers.

Interaction with the potential customers

When a person estimates the activity of the company, they try to study all the details of the future work. Including studying the reputation on social networks. Most often, customers study corporate accounts, and also try to pay attention to the company’s positioning in the information space. If a business has a well-developed Instagram account with interesting posts, then the likelihood of cooperation increases by ten percent. This is how leads turn into customers.

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Management of corporate accounts

Small companies prefer to maintain corporate accounts on Instagram and other social networks independently. However, at some point it is more profitable to outsource this work – for this there are agencies specializing in the Internet promotion of a business. One of such companies is All-SMM. We are a team of professionals who use the newest methods of account promotion: increase the number of followers, likes and views using our service.


Summing up, it should be said that the current trends are not going to change. The number of companies that invest into social networks, and not into traditional advertising, is growing inexorably. Moreover, the budgets are also growing. All this allows to conclude that in the next five to ten years, traditional advertising will be a thing of the past, and social media will run the show.