Content plan: what is it and why is it needed?

With the advent of entertainment and information profiles on Instagram, the content plan has become an extremely popular solution for most users. This is especially true for an Instagram content plan for business — people are willing to spend a lot of money to prepare publication plans, as well as to calculate in advance what effect this or that publication will have on the development of their profile. Many large companies that have to publish information posts in their profiles use Instagram stories content strategy. Let’s see what are the Instagram content plan ideas and what they need.


  • Assigning a content plan
  • How to create a content plan correctly
  • The frequency of the publications
  • Post templates
  • Histories
  • Content plan for your personal account
  • Conclusion

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Assigning a content plan

A content plan is a great way to create a sequence of posts in your profile. Most often, it is used by account owners with a large number of followers who are engaged, including earning money on Instagram, by publishing advertising integrations. For such people, the content plan is a universal solution that allows you to not forget that certain publications were made. At the same time, it also allows you to schedule the next week/month/year on which days and at what time certain publications will be made. It is very convenient to work with advertising posts. You will no longer have to write another post 15 minutes before the scheduled time. With a content plan, you can do this in advance. Moreover, there are special tools that allow you to publish such posts automatically, on a timer.

How to create a content plan correctly

Today, there are no universal rules for creating content plans. Each specialist determines what this plan should include and how it should look. Someone is limited to a separate text document, which is a description of each post in advance and adds the time of publication. Other people prefer to use special third-party tools that allow you to automatically publish posts on Instagram. This option is ideal for those who make several dozen publications every day (not necessarily in one account).

The frequency of the publications

What is especially important to consider in the content plan is the frequency of publications. It is necessary to study this issue in detail in order not to publish posts too often or on the contrary, too rarely. Practice shows that such a mistake is made by many novice experts in the field of SMM on corporate accounts. They choose the management approach as with their own account and make several publications a day that is not particularly useful. Or, on the contrary, they make one publication per month, which no one notices and as a result, the channel does not get the necessary coverage. As experience shows, it is best to make three or four publications per week for corporate accounts. For entertainment profiles, you can increase the number of publications to thirty per week: focus on the evening hours, when online in the social network is higher.

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Post templates

It is also important to prepare post templates in advance. It is much more convenient if the user does not need to re-write a new text every time. The basic points can be worked out in advance. For example, selecting hashtags will save you a lot of time in the future. Decide on the subject of posts and choose from five to ten hashtags for them. Then, at the time of writing a separate publication, pick up two more hashtags directly on the topic of the post. With a large flow of posts, this will save many hours. Contact information should also be provided. In other words, each post should look like a template in which you need to fill in only a small part of the information.


Creating a story plan is another difficult task for any SMM specialist. The fact is that this feature is most often used by people and entertainment accounts. For business profiles, Stories don’t make that much sense. The only exceptions are trading platforms that use stories to advertise their own products. There is a need for flexibility in this matter. If you have access to the company, you can publish various photos of the workflow, short interviews with employees, and so on in history. If there is no such access, then the number of stories can be minimized: congratulate on holidays and notify about important records.

Content plan for your personal account

There is no need to create a content plan for a personal account. However, this does not mean that some tips can not be used. For example, if you are going on a trip, you can think in advance what publications you want to make. You can also think of captions in advance, and if you want to share a large text with arguments, it is best to write and edit this text in advance. This way you can save your time and spend more hours exploring the surrounding area or doing something else.

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In conclusion, we can say that modern content plans can significantly simplify the lives of owners of popular accounts. This is especially true for those who actively use Instagram and make dozens of publications a day. Having a specific sequence of publications on hand, you can always significantly speed up your work and make dozens or even hundreds of posts in advance. This will be especially useful for owners of entertainment accounts, the number of subscribers in which is from several thousand. You will be able to focus on the work of Instagram account promotion, rather than a monotonous compilation of publications.