Covers for current Instagram stories

Proper registration of an Instagram account is an important means of attracting subscribers. The user can see an interesting post, but after visiting the account, change their mind about subscribing to it. Every detail is important, you should use all the features of the social network. Recently, the “Current” feature has appeared on Instagram. This is a section with eternal stories that subscribers can view at any time.


  1. Features of eternal stories
  2. Why use the Current section
  3. How to add a cover
  4. Where to get a cover for the Current
  5. Free ready-made covers for the Latest
  6. Using special applications
  7. Full-fledged work in a graphic editor
  8. Conclusion

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Features of eternal stories

In the main feed, stories are kept for exactly 24 hours from the moment of publication, after which they are deleted. This section is used to send subscribers some details of their lives or important information. Users can save their stories to an archive, where they can send them to other users at any time, or publish them again if necessary.

The “Current” section brings its own peculiarities in working with the account. It is located between the field with personal information and photos in posts. These stories are never deleted, they are always in this block.

Why use the Current section

Subscribers can view stories up-To-date at any time an unlimited number of times, so in this section, you should post something that will always be interesting. This is another way to communicate with your audience. Also, the section with eternal stories will help to tell new subscribers what is inconvenient to tell in ordinary posts.

Stories in Current can be broken down by different criteria:

  • certain topic;
  • memorable date;
  • blocks with important information;
  • event reminders.

Bloggers are attentive to the design of their accounts. If you do not configure the appearance of the current one, it will hang a preview of the last published story. This raises the question of how to make Instagram highlight covers, so that they match the chosen style of account management.

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How to add a cover

Adding a cover is an important step in creating an account. To do this, you need to choose the appropriate image, you can use free Instagram highlight covers for photos or make them yourself. The process of adding a cover consists of the following items:

  1. adding a new story to the Current one by clicking on ” + ” under the infobox;
  2. select a cover and several photos;
  3. edit the position of the future cover;
  4. come up with a name for the section (by default, it is written simply “Current”).

When viewing these stories, the account owner will see three dots in the lower right corner. Clicking on them opens a menu with two items: “Delete from current” and “Edit current”. When you click on the second button, we can edit the section as we need it: add pictures, delete them, and change the sequence. Instagram highlight covers size has no special restrictions, but it is recommended to use square images. Keep in mind that the cover has a round shape so that part of the image is not cropped.

Where to get a cover for the Current

As an example of the design of the section with eternal stories, you can see accounts where this has already been done. You should pay attention to how well the covers match the selected style. There are always two options for performing any actions. First, you can make a suitable image for themselves. Secondly, you can choose ready-made images, there are a huge number of them on the Internet.

Free ready-made covers for the Latest

The easiest way is to find ready-made covers with the possibility of using them for free. This will require the Yandex, Google or any other search engine. As a search query, you can use «highlight Instagram stories icon», «icons for Instagram stories», «Instagram highlights template», and any other similar options can be used as a search query. It is best to view the results of the issue in the “Images” section.

After selecting the image you like, save it on your computer or phone. You can crop it to acceptable sizes at any time using any standard editor. After that, you will only need to use the image as a cover. The disadvantage of this approach is that it is difficult to achieve a unique design using ready-made options.

Using special applications

There are many free apps for Android and iOS that will help you create a unique cover for your Phone. The principle of their work is very similar. Often they already have standard blanks for creating covers, but a good option would be to upload your own finds.

Among the app features, you can add text, change the color scheme, and many other features to create a unique image. Everything can be edited to your liking for optimal results. This approach provides much more variety than using ready-made options. You can match the colors with the color scheme already used in the account design.

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Full-fledged work in a graphic editor

The use of mobile applications can lead to the fact that some accounts will still have the same design to some extent. You can achieve the complete uniqueness of the design only if you develop the design and all the elements yourself. To do this, use Photoshop or another popular image editor.

Most bloggers on Instagram are connected to image processing in one way or another, so creating cover art for the Current one will not be a problem for them. The advantage of working independently on cover images is that you can easily create icons for new sections. This allows you to quickly edit the section, depending on your goals.

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The “Current” section with eternal stories on Instagram has become another important opportunity to communicate with the audience. Stories are stored in it permanently, subscribers and potential followers can view them at any time. The section must fit into the overall style of your account, so you need to use appropriate covers for it. Creating images yourself and searching for ready-made options is equally a good solution to the problem. Remember that a well-designed profile will help increase the number of followers in your profile and get a large number of likes.