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Creating a Popular TikTok Account

Recently, there appeared a large number of social networks. Each country has its own popular one. However, TikTok won the most popularity over the last year – it is a unique service for creating short funny videos.


  • A bit of history
  • Merge
  • Creating a popular account
  • Finding followers
  • Getting likes
  • Professional promotion

A bit of history

The history of TikTok started several years ago in China. Actually, this service was created as a local analogue of Instagram. At that time, no one imagined that the service would become an international player and will compete with the most popular social networks in the world. This perspective would be too ambitious.


The key point in the history of the service was the merge with another network Music.ly. It was another Chinese project, TikTok’s competitor. By that time, the Tik Tok problems reached their peak and seriously prevented users from using the app. However, the programmers from music.ly were able to solve all the problems and since then, TikTok has become a leader in this segment. Today, new features of the service are being developed every day, the choice of music has been significantly expanded. Constantly there appear new ways of creating interesting content or how to slow mo on Tik Tok.

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Creating a popular account

How to create a popular account and find Tik Tok fans quick? As always, all you need is your hands and a smartphone with the Internet access. But here starts the difficult work on promotion of your account. Today, this can be done with the standard tools within the social network.

Finding followers

The main way of promoting TikTok is active posting of unique content. You have to create new videos constantly and share them with your friends. Over time, your posts will attract attention of other users. This will attract new viewers, and the number of followers will grow correspondingly.

Getting likes

What do you need to get likes? Viewers! How to break the vicious circle? If you have already received a sufficient number of followers, then likes will appear automatically. If you are starting your journey in the social network, pay attention to the possibility of posting your videos in the feed. If you get to the “Interesting” section, you will get a lot more viewers, and therefore likes.

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Professional promotion

Another way of promotion is using the professional help in promotion of popular social networks accounts. For example, the All-SMM service offers comprehensive promotion not only on TikTok, but also in many other services.

Today, there are many ways to promote your TikTok account. However, the most efficient ones have been outlined in this article. We hope that this information will be useful for your account promotion.
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