How to create a business blog on Instagram

In this article, we will look at how to start an Instagram blog. Business development in this application is a complex process before you start, you need to think through everything to the smallest details-from the formation of an idea to its promotion.


1. Instagram Business blog

2. Choose a theme for your blog

3. Creating an account

4. Target audience analysis

5. Advertising

6. Conclusion

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Business blog on Instagram

When creating a business blog, it is important to follow a step-by-step approach. Trying to succeed in all aspects at once, you most likely will not be able to reach at least some income and will give up what you started. Start by selecting a niche. This should be an area of activity that you understand, and that has demand from customers.

On Instagram, sales are divided into three categories: products, services, and advertising. Regardless of the chosen direction, you will face serious competition, and therefore the idea for the business must be original.

Choose a theme for your blog

Posts to post on Instagram are your main tool for attracting customers. The content plan is usually thought out several months in advance. Special attention is paid to the graphic content, but the text under the post must be of high quality.

Choose a topic that you can lead, you must be sure that ideas for posts will not run out. Once you have decided on the content, carefully study the accounts of competitors. Note their strengths and weaknesses and build your own line.

Creating an account

Your profile should show all the key information in the first three seconds of viewing. It is important to come up with a simple but catchy nickname and a recognizable logo. In the blog header, briefly describe the features of your offer, specify the methods of communication and post a link to the site (if available).

Think about the design of the ribbon. It can have a gradient style, template, presets, be in the form of blocks or a chessboard. In advance, you should write out high-frequency and low-frequency hashtags that will be used in posts. Change locations regularly, so you can increase your audience reach.

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Target audience analysis

You will be able to understand their Hobbies, desires, age, gender, and level of motivation to buy. The more accurate the CA profile is, the more subscribers you will attract from targeting. The audience is selected in several ways:

1.          Analysis of subscribers from direct competitors.

2.          The use of parsers.

3.          Analysis of your own subscribers (who are interested in your content).

• Read the comments under the posts of your competitors. People do not hesitate to share their problems, desires, and often give advice.


  • Advertising must be constant and focused, without it it is simply impossible to achieve success. In addition to services other bloggers and promo posts on the Instagram social platform offer the following features:
  • Participation in flash mobs-participants writes posts on a specific topic and post photos or record videos. By exchanging messages with each other, you can get new followers, as well as likes and comments.
  • Organizing marathon-create several tasks (subscribe, like, invite a friend, etc.), come up with a gift and invite other bloggers who also want to advertise their business account.

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Participation in giveaways is a raffle where participants subscribe to sponsors in the hope of winning the main prize. This method is guaranteed to bring a lot of new subscribers to your profile, but be prepared that some of them will immediately unsubscribe after the end of the competition.


Instagram provides a lot of opportunities to promote your business online. Use all available tools, follow the sequence of actions, do not forget about advertising, create valuable content and then you can promote an Instagram blog. It’s harder to develop on Instagram now than it was a few years ago, but it’s still possible.