Increase the Engagement of Your Followers

You should understand, that even if you regularly publish interesting content, this does not guarantee growth of sales. You need to push your followers to take the necessary actions. How? Let’s discuss it.


  • Increasing likes and comments on Instagram
  • Organizing contests
  • Conducting auctions
  • A few words about quests
  • Conclusion

Increasing likes and comments on Instagram

Several years ago the social networks were used exclusively for entertaining purposes, today they allow not only to find new customers for your business, but also sell goods and services. SMM is not a quick way to increase the profits of an enterprise, but a well working one. Instagram suggestions based on likes lead to the desired effect. This platform is already used by the brands. It’s time for you to start selling through this social network.

Organizing contests

The main measure of the success of an Instagram account is likes and comments. How to get them? Organize contests and giveaways. There are several options for such events. During the competition, its participants should put likes and write comments, tag their friends and add the hashtags you’ve stated. The prize pool should match the audience. The best prize is your products. But it can also be a sum of money.

Not sure how to conduct contests? Take an example from popular bloggers. Each like in your contest will be shown in the recommended feed of your participants’ friends, and the audience of your account will grow. And most importantly, you will get the audience involved in your brand.

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Conducting auctions

Competitions are good, but you can use another tool – auctions. An interesting idea is the anti-auction. Indicate the price of the goods, starting from the maximum, it should descend. At some point, someone would like to buy your product at an affordable price. Such auctions always gather a big involved audience. It is trendy to count on getting 5000 likes on Instagram with these posts.

A few words about quests

Quests are a no less interesting way to amuse the audience and get a lot of comments and likes. Put a photo of one of your products, but so that the followers guess what exactly you have posted. Whoever guesses it first, gets a prize. And this does not have to be the indicated product. Or you can give a discount to someone who guesses it.

Another interesting entertainment is the “True or false” quest. Publish any fact about your brand, and the public must figure it out whether you are telling the truth or lying “on purpose”. A bunch of comments and likes is guaranteed. A secondary goal that can be achieved in this way is engagement with your brand.

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There are many ways to encourage your followers to put likes or write comments. Feel free to spy on how the well-known bloggers do it, use the tools described above. Keeping an interesting blog on Instagram is not as difficult as it seems.