How to Make a High-Quality Picture on Instagram

Instagram is a social network where it’s important to introduce yourself to the public. This ensures the unlimited likes on Instagram. If you want to conquer other users, you should learn how to make the high-quality pictures.

Even if you are not a professional photographer, do not despair. Using the features of Instagram, you can create a real piece of art. To get started, you can buy 30 Instagram likes, which will be the first impetus to the promotion and gaining popularity.


  • Instagram shooting
  • The main advantages of Instagram for non-professionals
  • A bit of theory on photography
  • Practice
  • Search for examples
  • Training
  • Conclusion

Instagram shooting

Instagram provides many opportunities for the beginners. That is why you should learn some of the nuances for creating the high-quality pictures.

The main advantages of Instagram for non-professionals

If you are not a professional photographer, you may be scared by a large number of different picture editing programs. But do not be afraid of this, Instagram provides a minimum number of tools that allow to create attractive pictures quickly and even without the third-party software.

Among the advantages of using the social network there are:

  1. Just a smartphone is enough. No need to purchase expensive cameras and other professional equipment. It is enough to buy a smartphone with a good camera.
  2. One image format. All photos are taken either square or rectangular. You do not need to think about how much the picture weighs or how it looks. Instagram carries out all the necessary manipulations on its own.
  3. No need to use Photoshop. Many different filters and contrast settings are provided, which can be tested by tapping a single button. It is very easy, convenient and fast.

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A bit of theory on photography

To create beautiful pictures, you need to know some tricks:

  1. Natural light. The light of lamps and chandeliers distorts the natural shades. If you are a beginner, it is best to take pictures in the afternoon. This is the most favorable idea. In the afternoon, the most beautiful pictures with the effect of realism are made. It’s not necessary to go outside. It is enough to equip the picture zone by the window.
  2. Creating a good composition. Think about the composition of the picture. Use the improvised means, small souvenirs, trifles, and textured surfaces.
  3. Focus setting. Catch the focus to highlight the most important element in the picture.


Be sure to learn how to create the quality pictures. To do this, find role models and do your best when practicing.

Search for examples

There are many accounts on Instagram where professional pictures are taken. Follow them. Borrow ideas for your own posts. Later you will learn how to invent something of your own.

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Do not use other people’s pictures. You can create something on your own, similar in motive. This will help you feel the style and find your own solution. Over time, a sense of beauty will come to you as well.


If you try, you will learn a lot. Do not be afraid to make mistakes or repeat after someone. Everybody starts this way. The creation of high-quality pictures is the first and main step to gaining popularity. Besides, the ALL-SMM service can help you achieve your goal.