How to Make Your Instagram Account Popular Without Using Special Programs and Services

Many people wonder how to get 100 likes on Instagram. To do this, you will need to give it a try. In the article we will discuss the possibilities of the effective use of hashtags and methods of photographing. The methods discussed will help you figure out how to gain more likes on Instagram.


  • How to get likes on your own
  • Using hashtags
  • Design of photos
  • Conclusion

How to get likes on your own

Before publishing a specific material, think to whom it might be useful. Content should be exciting, memorable, unique. Then there is no need to resort to the help of special services.

You should focus on creating only high quality content. But other users make more than a million different posts on similar subjects per day. Therefore, you should know some tricks that will help you stay in the top.

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Decide on the main theme of the account. Few people will be interested in reading your personal diary. Another question is if this information is useful. For example, one of the most popular topics is weight loss. Set a goal and publish data about your productivity, share experiences, successes and failures.
  2. Post only high-quality photos. If you cannot take pictures, study the theory on the issue.
  3. Be sure to work on the text of the post thoroughly. The first three lines that each user sees are especially important. Register hashtags, indicate the location.
  4. Get engaged in mutual advertising. Link your accounts to several social networks, this will help you earn more likes.
  5. Contact followers directly, this creates a trusting relationship.

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Using hashtags

To collect likes, hashtags are actively used. Use the following tips:

  1. Prepare a list of hashtags in advance before creating a post.
  2. Use up to 10 hashtags. With a large number of them, it will become more difficult to read the information under the post, which will cause inconvenience for your readers.
  3. Pick up some popular tags, some mid-range tags. Come up with your own original hashtags. This will help to stay in the top longer.

Design of photos

Depending on the reaction of people to the image, psychologists advise making photos as follows:

  1. Shades of blue are more popular among the users than reddish ones.
  2. For advertising, use bright and saturated colors. For example, orange and red.
  3. Do not process the photo with too bright filters. It is best to apply the fade effect.
  4. One of the new trends on Instagram is NO filters in the photo.
  5. Make the photo a few shades lighter and highlight the texture of objects.

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In order to gain likes and become popular, you will have to do your best working on the quality of the content. If you do not want to wait too long, you can use the services specializing on promotion of social networks. For example, ALL-SMM can help promote an Instagram account quickly.