How to Use Instagram for Gaining Knowledge

Many registered users upload not only pictures and videos, but also share useful information to gain more likes on Instagram. On Instagram, you can maintain accounts on various topics. Someone shares recipes of tasty and unusual dishes, others show simple home workouts to improve health, or tell about their travels. Also on Instagram you can find pages with reviews on various goods and services, news accounts or music profiles.


  • What they write on Instagram
  • How to search for the necessary information on Instagram
  • How to save useful information

What they write on Instagram

When asked about “how do you get more likes on Instagram”, many bloggers say they post interesting content. Each profile is interesting to a certain circle of people. Therefore, many users find the necessary information for themselves and become followers of these information pages. Instagram tools help share information in various ways. For example, videos or Stories, as well as live streams. You can add several videos to one post, the duration of them should not exceed a minute. In this way, it’s convenient to show workouts and share step-by-step recipes. You can also make a “carousel” of pictures, and the description under each picture can be different. If you need to attract visitors to your personal site using your Instagram account, you can make an active link in your profile, and tell about it in every post.

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How to search for the necessary information on Instagram

To regularly receive new interesting knowledge, you should find the right account. You can do this in the search bar using the keywords. If the author of the post has indicated hashtags in the description, then it will not be difficult to find the post. If the user already follows the thematic pages, then in the “Recommendations” section, Instagram will offer to become a follower of similar accounts. Therefore, it is important for the authors to come up with a right name of their account, as well as to leave the corresponding hashtags.

How to save useful information

Some users who find interesting information do not know how to save it. Someone takes a screenshot on the phone. But Instagram has a special feature that allows to save the desired post in the “Saved” section. To do this, tap the “flag” icon located at the bottom of the picture. And at any time, the user will be able to go to the “Saved” section and read the text or watch the video. The account rating is also increased by the number of saved posts, which allows to increase revenues.

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