Instagram ads: can I disable Them?

Tired of annoying marketing content? Want to read useful, not selling posts? Then you will probably be wondering if you can remove ads on Instagram!


1. About advertising content

1.1. Targeted advertising

1.2. Native advertising

2. Can I get rid of ads?

3. How do I hide targeted posts?

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About advertising content

Some five or six years ago, no one would have thought that the app, originally conceived as a platform for sharing photos and videos, could reach such heights. However, today Instagram is a unique network that opens up truly limitless opportunities, particularly in terms of marketing campaigns. Not only do some small bloggers and micro-influencers come here for promotion and promotion, but also large brands like Chanel, Audi, Bosch, etc. What explains this fact? An incredibly loyal and sensitive audience. So, according to official statistics, users of the app are more likely to view advertising publications, react more actively to them, making the necessary clicks and transitions.

Crazy popularity among brands leads to too many ads on Instagram. You may have noticed that it is impossible to view the main feed and not find any targeted posts. However, they are not the only ones who perform marketing functions. There are also a lot of selling posts from bloggers who promote a particular product in the format of tips and recommendations. Of course, the abundance of such content can be annoying and tiring, and therefore the question becomes relevant – how to stop sponsored ads on Instagram?

Before you start looking at how to get rid of Instagram ads, we suggest you find out what types of marketing content you can find on the Internet today!

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Targeted advertising

Target is one of the key innovations of the app. From now on, all accounts that are transferred to the “Business” or “Author” category have the right to launch official promotion campaigns. Among the goals pursued may be:

  • increase in sales;
  • increase profile traffic;
  • new applications in Direct, etc.

Note that the vast majority of users complain about targeted advertising, finding it Intrusive and Intrusive. For example, if you match the criteria set by the target audience, you will be forced to see in your feed the publication of accounts that were not subscribed to at all.

Native advertising

This is probably the most popular way to promote. As a rule, it appears in the format of tips or recommendations, useful life hacks and finds. For example, your favorite blogger recently went for a manicure, and then decided to leave the contacts of the master, who provided an incredibly high-quality service. At first glance, everything looks normal and does not arouse suspicion. However, if you look closely at the posts in the feed, you will see that such “revelations” are just a competent marketing trick!

Note that some SMM specialists insist that such manipulations have stopped working. That is why many business profiles and shifted the focus of its attention to the Ambassador. It is noteworthy that they are not selected among the top influencers and celebrities. Accounts with an audience of two or three thousand people who are in constant dialogue with their subscribers and were able to establish feedback seem more attractive. Cooperation with them has several advantages. First, there is the possibility of a barter relationship – the brand will not have to pay for advertising, it will simply send its product as a gift. Second, engagement and reach are guaranteed to jump up.

Can I get rid of ads?

Above, we’ve covered the main types of marketing content in detail, and now we’ll move on to the most important one – the answer to the question, how to disable it? Let’s say that it is not possible to completely get rid of ads on Instagram. However, if you can still adjust the amount of targeted content, you can’t do anything about the native one (because you can’t influence the content posted by other users).

In fairness, it is worth mentioning that advertising on the network should not be taken too seriously and negatively. This is just a good alternative for brands that can significantly increase their own awareness.

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How do I hide targeted posts?

You can reduce the number of ad impressions only in the official mobile app. The computer version, unfortunately, does not provide tools that allow you to do this.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of ad publications:

  • Run the application.
  • Scroll through the main feed.
  • Find the targeted entry.
  • Click on the button with three dots located in the upper right corner.
  • In the pop-up context menu, click on the line “Hide ads”.

Next, the program will prompt you to specify the reasons why a particular ad should be excluded from your feed. For example, “inappropriate” or “Intrusive”.

Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that advertising on Instagram is a very effective tool for Instagram promotion. Using it, you can significantly improve internal statistics: increase engagement, increase reach, etc. However, when using it, you must be extremely careful and accurate, and think in detail about the criteria for selecting the target audience and creating a selling ad. If you make even the slightest mistake, you risk ruining your first impression of your brand and scaring away potential customers.