Instagram Promotion Features

Regardless of whether it is planned to use free or paid promotion on Instagram for your account, it is important to create interesting content. Decide on the topic, write useful text and use only bright, eye-catching photos. Only after that, it is worth using tools for promotion.


1. Instagram promotion algorithm

2. Setting up a business account

3. Channel promotion via targeted advertising

4. PR via another account

5. Conclusion

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Instagram promotion algorithm

Promotion of your profile involves the implementation of different activities. At the first stage, you should prepare an account, namely, to deal with filling the feed. On average, there should be 40 posts, maybe a little less. It is important to consider the hashtags that will be used and geolocation. Everything should be relevant; it will facilitate the process of SEO-promotion.

The cost of Instagram promotion depends on the methods chosen to be used to develop the account. At the start, it is enough to do with boosting of likes, comments and followers. The profile will look more attractive than at the beginning. However, do not overdo it to maintain naturalness.

Setting up a business account

When planning to create a business account, you should definitely indicate the contact details in the header (email, contact phone number), a link to the site (if any). Instagram has the ability to choose the type of account: author, personal or business.

Be sure to access the statistics. To connect to the analytical data, do the following: go to the “Settings” tab – “Account” – “Switch to personal account”. Next, choose the goal of the project and the category that best matches the theme of the channel.

Statistics allows to track the effectiveness of posts, stories, promotions, reach, data about your followers (location, age, gender).

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Channel promotion via targeted advertising

Targeted advertising on Instagram enables users to effectively advertise their brand or service. This tool remains relevant, but will only work if configured correctly.

It’s important to link your Instagram account to Facebook, so you can significantly expand the list of settings for targeted advertising. This also applies to the search for the target audience, which subsequently helps to track its behavior and interests.

Before you start setting up targeted advertising, search for target audience (statistics will help you). The audience is determined by the following criteria: geolocation, gender, age, interests.

PR via another account

Free advertising involves mutual PR. It works only if your accounts are at approximately the same level of development and the topics of your account are similar.

Also, some popular bloggers periodically organize promotions for their followers by advertising their channel for free. And finally, paid PR, when you pay the account holder to publish a story or post a photo with the text on your brand. Using this service, adhere to the following recommendations:

• Ask your partner to place an advertising post at a convenient time for you.

• Check for followers and likes. Do not cooperate with unreliable profiles, this can negatively affect your reputation.

• Collaborate with profiles from the same field, as you need the target audience.

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Almost all existing Instagram promotion tools work, but their effectiveness will depend on how skillfully they are used. Naturally, if the account is filled with meaningless and uninteresting content, no advertising will help.