Instagram Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

You can become famous on Instagram – there are several examples when Instagram stars became world celebrities, although they received 25 likes on Instagram at the very beginning.

But despite the popularity of the service, not everyone knows how to optimize the work with it. If you know a few tricks, you will get the most out of this service. And having already set up work with a social network, you can make an order of Instagram likes to make your account popular.


  1. How to optimize the work with the service
  2. Filter settings
  3. Hiding the annoying ads
  4. Deleting comments
  5. Prohibiting comments
  6. Conclusion

How to optimize the work with the service

Do not waste time eliminating the interference; it is too annoying. Instead, simply set up your favorite social network in the way that works best for you. Thanks to some tips, you can eliminate the annoying ads of products that you’ve never been interested in. You can remove unpleasant comments, or completely ban them. More details are below.

Filter settings

Everyone uses filters, because they allow to make a photo unique. But it is disappointing that you have to look for the desired filter for a long time. In order not to lose time, configure the display of filters in the order you like.

Upload a picture, select filters, scroll to the end of the list. Find the “Manage” button, and a list with all filters will open. Select the filter you are not interested in, and move it to the end of the list. Perform the same actions with your favorite filters, just moving them higher.

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Hiding the annoying ads

Of course, hiding all the ads will not work. But if one annoying image constantly pops up with an offer to buy a product or download an app, you can get rid of it. For this:

  • Find the three dots icon just above the advertisement. Tap it.
  • Select “Hide Ad”.
  • Choose the reason why you do not want to see the picture.

The service collects information and will take into account your feedback and stop showing this ad to you.

Deleting comments

Some labels can hurt or just be annoying. But it’s very easy to get rid of them. Select a comment, tap it with your finger, hold it for just a second, and then, without releasing your finger, swipe it to the left. On the right you’ll see the Trash bin icon. Tap it and the message will be deleted.

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Prohibiting comments

We have explained above how to delete a message under a post. But if you do not want comments underneath the post at all, prohibit followers and other users from leaving comments. Sometimes you just want to make a statement, and comments are the last thing you need.

Before posting a photo, go to the Advanced Settings. Find the item “Turn off comments”, confirm your choice. There will be no comments under this post.


Instagram has a lot of hidden options, but the ones described above are especially useful. They allow to improve the work with the service and eliminate the annoying factors.