Let’s Increase the Instagram Account Rating

Using this social network, you can not only share your photos and videos, but also make it an additional or even main source of income. But this requires a popular account, and to achieve this, you need more followers and a large number of likes underneath the published posts. Although, not everyone knows how to get over 100 likes on Instagram in a short time.


  • How to make money on Instagram
  • Why Instagram likes are that important
  • Ways to gain Instagram likes

How to make money on Instagram

On Instagram, income generation can occur in many ways. Some users open their online stores using a social network account as an advertising or trading platform. One can sell not only goods, but also services on Instagram.

Others publish interesting and relevant posts, thanks to which the number of followers is growing. And the owner of an account with a large online audience often receives favorable offers from the advertisers. The more followers, the higher is the cost of advertising through this account. For the users with a millionth audience, one advertising post may cost several thousand rubles. Therefore, it is important to have a popular account with a large audience. After all, most amount of likes on Instagram belong to the followers of the page.

Why Instagram likes are that important

Likes on Instagram are a powerful tool of increasing the rating of an account. The more ratings and views a post gains, the higher it raises in the search queries ranking. This means that the published entry will be recommended for viewing to other people not following this profile. Therefore, many bloggers are asking to put a “heart” under the published photo or video. With the help of likes, people rate the record, showing that they have enjoyed it. And if the post is gaining a large number of likes, then this user knows how to attract the attention of the online audience.

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Ways to gain Instagram likes

You can get likes from other users in the popular social network in different ways. Someone asks followers to put likes, others organize repost contests or just use free apps for cheating views and likes. Each of the free methods has not only such advantage as no financial investments spent on the account promotion, but also disadvantages. You can get an account block for spamming, the repost contests require strict adherence to the rules, and using unverified programs can bring a virus to your electronic device.

It is important to choose the right way of promoting your Instagram account. Although many successful bloggers at the beginning of their careers invest a little in the business development, they will soon start receiving a steady income. They often use the services of SMM-professionals to promote their accounts on the social networks. For example, the All-SMM service. Here, the experts know how to boost up the likes quickly and efficiently. This method is considered the most effective and reliable. Moreover, it does not require big financial investments.