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Likes on TikTok: How to Get the Right Amount?

TikTok likes are very important for increasing your account rating. Rating of posts by other users allows the author to break into the “Recommendations” section. And the more views of the posts, the more popular gets the profile.


  • Popularity of TikTok account
  • Getting TikTok likes
  • TikTok followers: how to increase their number?
  • Other methods of gaining popularity

Popularity of TikTok account

Popularity in social networks is not only a good way to become famous on the Internet, but all over the world. And many smart users earn well with the help of their free TikTok app. The principle of increasing the rating of an account in the social networks is the connection between views of posts and likes from other users. Many registered authors of personal pages in the social networks are looking for the ways of how to get TikTok famous.

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Getting TikTok likes

There are several ways to get TikTok likes. Some methods are absolutely free, but sometimes you have to pay for getting likes and gaining popularity. Among the TikTok users the apps for cheating likes are very popular. They are free and can be installed on almost any electronic device. The app sends tasks to the user who earns points for each completed task. Points can be exchanged for the desired number of likes later.

TikTok followers: how to increase their number?

With the help of apps for cheating likes, you can increase the number of followers, comments and reposts. You can also increase the online public by organizing a giveaway. Inexpensive prizes are usually given there. And to participate in the giveaway, people should start following the specified page, as well as rate posts and make reposts. Regular giveaways will not only keep the existing followers, but also attract the new ones.

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Other methods of gaining popularity

Some TikTok users send invitations to other social networks. This method is good for those who have popular accounts on Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook, etc. Usually existing followers willingly join their favorite bloggers.
To speed up the process of promotion of a TikTok page you can use the paid services. With their help, the number of likes, followers, comments, and reposts grows really fast. And if you can afford it, you can order expensive advertising from the well-known bloggers with a thousand or million audience.

The Tik Tok likes generator, holding giveaways and lotteries, inviting followers from other social networks, paid advertising or professional service – all these methods can be used by any user registered on TikTok. But choosing a method, you need to remember about its advantages and disadvantages. And of course, you should publish interesting and extraordinary videos. So that your followers get interested in watching their news feed and putting likes to the posts.