Photos and Videos on Instagram

All kinds of photo with the most likes on Instagram were made in excellent quality. The attention of the social network users is attracted by original and clear photos and videos. Therefore, it is important to carefully prepare the material before posting it in your Instagram account. The good quality of the published content in combination with the likes on Instagram cheat brings the best results. Likes and followers are needed to increase the profile rating in order to earn in this social network.


  • How to take photos and videos on Instagram
  • Settings and filters on Instagram
  • Selection of suitable photos for posts

How to take photos and videos on Instagram

The profile rating depends on the quality of the photo or video on Instagram. Some users even use the professional photographers’ help to get beautiful pictures. Professionals use a variety of decorations and accessories to create a beautiful photo composition. But not all Instagrammers use the professional equipment and the services of photographers. Modern smartphones allow to make bright and beautiful pictures adding various filters. They also have built-in features for retouching pictures to eliminate the drawbacks.

Settings and filters on Instagram

The creators of Instagram take care of their customers and have created special functions for editing photos and videos before posting them. When a photo or a video is uploaded to Instagram, the user is asked to apply a filter that changes the level and brightness, color scheme, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, etc. Besides, the user can post several pictures in one post using a special setting. Not so long ago, a function of applying various masks appeared there on Instagram. So users can take pictures in the image of a bunny, a teddy bear, do virtual makeup or use a beautiful background for shooting. Moreover, this setting allows not to publish photos immediately after shooting, but just save them to your phone.

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Selection of suitable photos for posts

Before you post, choose the right photo or video. Although some popular bloggers do not adhere to this rule. For example, they publish their pictures from vacation, and in a post they tell about working moments or some other story. But it’s recommended to write a few words about why this photo has been chosen, and only then share your thoughts.

Beautiful photos and videos are needed by the Instagrammers to grow the popularity of the account. But there are also other ways that help increase the number of followers. For example, that could be a service specializing on promotion of social network accounts. One of such services is All-SMM. Professionals can increase the number of followers without violating the Instagram rules in a short time. In addition, prices for the services are very affordable.