Stories or Standard Instagram Posts: Which is Better?

Are there filters on Instagram Stories, what content to publish, how to promote an Instagram account – these and other questions are asked by newbie bloggers. To become a famous blogger, it is important to know whose stories appear first on Instagram. Of course, the more popular is the page on this social network, the higher gets the post compared to other users. In the news feed of each Instagram user, stories are published depending on the views. In other words, if you often watch the same blogger, then their posts will always be in the first place. A story of owners of unpopular profiles will be published by the latest.


• Stories feature on Instagram

• Live streams and Stories: what is in common

• What is better: Stories or regular Instagram posts

• What other methods are used for promoting an Instagram account

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Stories feature on Instagram

Stories appeared not so long ago, but they are popular with a huge number of people on Instagram. This tool allows publishing short videos in the news feed, not cluttering it. You can add an unlimited number of stories per day. And the higher tis he rating of the account, the more followers there are, the greater is the number of views. So, popularity will continue to increase. Some users wonder who to follow on Instagram to get followers. In fact, it’s important to promote your account so that the followers join your page themselves. And stories are a great tool for promoting your account.

Live streams and Stories: what is in common

Live streams and stories are published in a similar way. They are also stored for 24 hours in the news feed, and then disappear from it. But the distinguishing feature of live streams is that the video is shot in real time. And any live viewer can chat with its author, write a comment and ask any question. Live broadcasts perfectly help to develop an account on Instagram, bringing together followers and account authors. Live broadcasting is often used for giveaways and repost contests to choose winners without cheating. In addition, live streams are organized by famous personalities, showing interesting moments from their lives.

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What is better: Stories or regular Instagram posts

Some users are wondering which of these methods of posting information is effective for promoting an account. In a standard post, you can post a video, the duration of which is one minute. And you can also make a carousel from several videos, although they are not always popular among the readers. In Stories, the video is only 15 seconds long, but you can record an unlimited number of them, which will be broadcast continuously. In general, experienced bloggers do not recommend posting more than 2 times per day, since this does help increase the number of followers, but rather reduces their number. But the number of stories that can be published is as many as you like, and those users who like to follow the life of a particular account author will view them all.

What methods are used for promoting an Instagram account

In addition to the fact that you need to monitor your Instagram account, you can reduce the time it takes to promote your account. Of course, it is important to publish high-quality and interesting content, keep track of current topics and be in the trend of recent events. But you can use the services for promoting accounts on social networks, including Instagram. The All-SMM service is one of those that allows its customers to gain popularity in the world-famous social network quickly. Using professional help, you save a lot of personal time, and start making money faster. The cost of services is very competitive, even for beginner bloggers.

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Instagram continues to gain popularity among users around the world. And some bloggers use this opportunity not only for entertainment but also for stable high earnings.