The Instagram Benefits You May Not Know About

Influencer is an Instagram content developer who can influence the audience in their account. Their services provide high efficiency of advertising, even if it is shown to a small number of followers.


1. Whose Stories show up on Instagram

2. Why Instagram is a priority

3. Benefits of Instagram for business

4. Effective Instagram promotions

5. Conclusion

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Whose Stories show up on Instagram

To get into the Instagram user’s feed, your content must be of high quality and useful. You should post beautiful photos in the profile, write a light and pleasant text underneath. Regardless of the subject matter of the account, you should be in the photos, as it is very important that the follower knows you.

When creating an interesting account, it’s important to follow the steps. First of all, you should clearly understand what to write about. It is worth choosing one sphere and developing it in it. Volatility can push away a potential follower.

But, even when creating interesting content, it will take a long time to promote a page on Instagram. Therefore, the question arises, how much should you pay Instagram influencers, the cost depends primarily on the number of followers on their channel. Also take into account the type of post: a story or a post with a picture.

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Why Instagram is a priority

Advertisers choose this social network due to the greater engagement of the audience. On average, these indicators are 3 times higher than in other social networks. But in order to monetize your channel, you will have to work hard for a long time. Instagram has high competition in all areas, and therefore your content should be truly unique.

Benefits of Instagram for business

• Show the brand face – you can become closer to customers if you add videos or photos with satisfied customers. Fill the feed with interesting news, reviews, and events.

• Become an expert – you have the opportunity to deliver useful information to a wide audience. Post tips, test drives, reviews, etc.

• Redirect traffic – Instagram account can be a good help for the development of your site. You can add active links to the story, following which the user can get even more valuable content.

• Increase sales – users are increasingly making online purchases in this particular social network. Also, through your account, you can report on promotions, sales, etc.

• Involve target audience – short Stories videos are always in sight, important news will not get lost in the feed. You can create enticing videos by announcing a one-day sale, promotions, post answers to frequently asked questions, etc.

Effective Instagram promotions

There is a bunch of paid and free promotion methods that will work only if there is high-quality content. For example, the 5/3/1 technique assumes that you put likes to five photos on other user’s accounts, leave three comments and follow it. In response, they are likely to do the same. There are many programs that allow automating this process.

When publishing a photo, you should always write a short text (2-3 sentences), which at times increases Instagram followers and raises your account in the rating. It is recommended to use emoji (emoticons) in the text, which also affects traffic, but do not overdo it.

In addition, sometimes ask questions to the public, which will increase the chance of getting comments under the post.

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A lot of work on the content and the use of tools (paid and free) on Instagram is the key to promoting an account. This will subsequently allow you to monetize your account and receive a stable income while developing a brand or service.