What Content Will Attract Instagram Users

Use GIF images, UGC and DIY content for your blog. Be sure to include these to your blog posts.


  • What content could improve your blog on Instagram?
  • Moving images
  • User generated content
  • How to create something with your own hands (DIY)
  • Conclusion

What content could improve your blog on Instagram?

How to develop your Instagram? Today, the popular network offers many blogging options. What content to publish so that your followers get interested and could recommend you to their friends? Here go the TOP-3 types of content that will make your blog popular.

Moving images

Thanks to the feature of publishing GIFs or boomerangs, your posts will be highlighted in the feed of followers. With their help, you can talk about your work with interest and demonstrate the products of your brand. Moving images are suitable for an entertaining blog, same as for any other accounts.

To “revive” the picture on Instagram, there are many programs. You can install them on a PC or download from the app store to your smartphone. All of them have a simple interface and easily “bring life” to a static picture in just a couple of taps or mouse clicks. Such posts will help gain views on Instagram.

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User generated content

Any brand develops its audience. Your blog, even if it is not commercial, but entertaining, is still a brand. You must build the right relationship with your customers. And it’s best to do this, publishing UGC content in your posts, i.e:

  • comments;
  • reviews;
  • feedback;
  • photos.

First of all, it allows other users to find like-minded people. After all, there is at least one hobby they have in common. Secondly, for this you do not need to spend time creating your own content. It is enough to make a screen of the follower’s post or upload their video review to your blog. Such posts will help to get video views for Instagram. Of course, do not forget to tag the author. To eliminate all possible problems, ask the author about publishing the content on your blog.

How to create something with your own hands (DIY)

Such posts help sell something. Perhaps you could see such content on the blogs of popular coffee houses. It tells how to make espresso or latte. Try to think about how interesting such posts could be for your business.

Selling flowers? Tell us how to make bouquets correctly. As for the companies involved in delivery of food, it will be useful to publish how to cook sushi or dumplings. Believe me, only a small fraction of followers will cook food at home. Seeing the cooking process by professionals, with a high probability they will order food from you.

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In fact, there are many types of content that “works out” on Instagram. Everyone is already tired of ordinary photos and videos with cats. Give your blog a bit of creativity, and you’ll gain a lot of followers. We are sure you will achieve popularity in this social network.