What is ER on Instagram and How to Calculate It

Gaining Instagram followers is not just trending and useless these days, as the new social network algorithms have ceased to take this factor into account. All that is now trending is engagement and reach. Now your posts can be seen not only by your followers, but also by other users. However, not all the audience of the account will be able to see your posts, i.e. the one who gets the most likes on Instagram is there on top. Therefore, it is important to know your ER in order to take action in time and be always popular.


  • ER on Instagram – what is it?
  • How to calculate engagement
  • Calculating ER
  • Calculation of ERViews

ER on Instagram – what is it?

Most people have no idea what ER is, so let’s sort this out first. This abbreviation means Engagement Rate, in other words, this is the percentage of active people among followers and not only them.

What is considered to be an activity:

  • Comments;
  • Video likes Instagram;
  • Photo likes;
  • Saves;
  • Reposts.

At the same time, it is impossible to say with certainty what percentage of involvement will be considered the best. For example, for an account with an audience of 1 thousand people, the optimal value will be 10%, and for 1 million – 1%. The account also matters: personal or business, since the latter always has lower ER.

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How to calculate engagement

There are 2 methods of calculating ER and both are used to analyze the effectiveness of promotion in the social networks. The first method of calculation is based on the total number of followers per account (ER), and the second (ERViews) is based on the average coverage of one post. Let’s consider each method separately.

Calculating ER

The calculation is made by dividing the average number of reactions by post for a certain period of time, by the number of followers. This indicator is important to understand how much audience is active on the account. The only drawback of this method is that the actions of other users who visited your post from recommendations or hashtags are not taken into account.

Example: 30 posts were made in an account with 1 thousand followers during 1 month. In total, all posts scored 1100 likes and 100 comments. Now you need to find the average number of reactions to post per day: 1100 + 100/30 = 40 reactions. It remains only to calculate the %, so 40/1000 * 100% = 4%, this is the ER indicator in the account.

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Calculating ERViews

This method is similar to the first one, only here it is necessary to divide the reactions of people not by the number of followers, but by the coverage of the post. By the way, this option is more correct for calculation, since only those users who saw your post, including people from recommendations, etc. are taken into account.

Example: Let’s take the coverage of 1 post in 500 people. It equals to 40 reactions to post per day / 500 * 100% = 8% ERViews.

Using these 2 methods of calculation, it will be very convenient to find out the activity of your audience and to sort it. Also, if you promote your account through advertising, it is important to monitor the coverage of posts and monitor their involvement not to lose money just for nothing.