What is Instagram Direct?

Instagram allows to share photos or videos with the followers. And what to post on Instagram to get likes is decided by each user on their own. But this app can also be used as a text messenger, same as WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and other programs. Using the Instagram direct, you can write messages not only to your friends, but also to people who are not your followers.


  • Whom you can chat with in direct
  • What can be sent via the Instagram personal messages?
  • Is it possible to write a personal message from a laptop or PC?

Whom you can chat with in direct

Many users are looking for an Instagram likes app that works efficiently. But you can also gain popularity in the social networks through Instagram direct. With this option you can write private messages. By sending a message, you can see the delivery status, as well as the status of reading. But it’s allowed to send messages also to the people who are not following your page. By sending the first direct message to a stranger, you must wait for the approval to continue the conversation. If they would like to continue the dialogue, you can send another message. Many business account owners, as well as those who want to promote their page and increase the number of followers, often send personal messages on Instagram through this option.

What can be sent via the Instagram personal messages?

In direct of this social network, you can write simple text messages. But for this, you can also share various Instagram posts. This list includes:

  • posts of other users, including videos;
  • location tags;
  • various hashtags;
  • links to other user accounts.

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Is it possible to write a personal message from a laptop or PC?

If you don’t have a tablet or smartphone with Instagram at hand, you can use a laptop or a desktop computer. If Windows 10 is installed on this device, you can login Instagram through an adapted application. You can download it in a specialized store. If there is another operating system on the laptop or PC or there is a different or earlier version of Windows, you can use the emulator on Android.

For the business account owners, a special app is provided that can be easily installed on a desktop PC and be used for writing personal messages on Instagram. This social network helps in development of online business and develops various features to search for the new customers and increase earnings.

If you also would like to earn on Instagram, you need to increase the popularity of your account. To do this, you need a large number of followers who will rate posts and write comments. It will be quite difficult to increase the number of followers independently, besides it will take a lot of time. One of the most convenient, fast, beneficial and effective ways is SMM-managers. There are special services such as All-SMM. Here, experts know how to increase the popularity of an account without violating the Instagram rules. In addition, the cost of the service is quite affordable, and all costs will pay off soon.